Goodbye Fakarava! Back to Tahiti.

We have just had three weeks in Fakarava paradise, sailing, diving, snorkelling, exploring and diving some more. It is now time to go back to another paradise, Tahiti. I am sad to be going but look forward to the much easier sail with the trade winds and currents in our favour. Liz and Mum have just jumped on the plane and will meet us there. I am cramming in a last bit of diving before Oli, Dad and I leave tomorrow morning with the outgoing tide. The North Pass in Fakarava is much bigger and deeper than the South Pass. This means much more water flows through it so timing is important as it can be rather turbulent. This goes for diving also and I have been joining guided dives here as our trusty dinghy is a little small for the powerful water between this pass (We used it often in the South Pass). It is also much deeper so diving for Oli is not possible. There are huge gatherings of fish and sharks in this pass although not in quite the same number as the South Pass it is still very impressive to the extent of which I have never seen!

I would recommend anyone who can get here to do so, it is amazing and very worth while if you like sharks! A return flight from Tahiti is about £120-£150 And accommodation varies but some pensions are excellent value for F.polynesia, nothing is cheap here though.

The kids hired bikes the other day and went off exploring on their own. It seems very safe with little or no crime and every one has a smile on their face. Oli and Liz have made many friends with boat kids and locals alike.

The South Pass is my favourite spot it is so utterly remote however the whole island is mind-blowingly beautiful.

The vis can be cloudy if you snorkel away from the passes but it is still 20 metres or so. In and near the passes I have never seen such clarity before, especially on an incoming tide. I am going to miss this island!

My next post will be from Tahiti!

Author: love_sea_adventure

I love the Sea, I love adventure and I love my family. Caring for the environment and doing what I can to protect it goes without saying.

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