Simply the BEST diving on this planet!

Unlike my last entry this is going to be short and sweet….. very sweet!

We have had the MOST amazing few days diving Fakarava’s South Pass. Oli and I have been swept through the pass a fair few times now and it never gets boring underwater here. It is simply one of the most mind blowingly incredible dives I have ever done. As you drop in between the breakers on the outer edge of the reef the incoming tide sucks you in through the pass where there is an abundance and huge variety off fish and pristine coral with water clarity as good as it could ever be. As you are whisked along there are often walls of grey sharks all casually swimming into the current in a very calm, almost sleep like state. The dive ends as the current sweeps you up onto a shallow reef where the tide is at it’s strongest. This is known as the Magic Carpet Ride, and feels like you are flying over a beautiful garden of coral. It is so shallow that we have also snorkelled this numerous times with Mum and Dad and Liz. There is plenty to see as you are pushed through, almost back to where Larka is moored. In addition to the mob of grey sharks on the pass we also see other species such as black tips, nurse sharks and silver tips in the lagoon in amongst the corals. They never seem aggressive and swim on by minding their own business. However the other day on a night dive the grey sharks were very interested and buzzed me a couple of times. Then while snorkelling a few evenings later the grey sharks again seemed very interested, so much so I thought it best to go back to the boat. I feel much happier in the water with sharks at night in scuba! They swim on the edge of your light beam lighting their eyes up like a fox. I am looking forward to another night dive with them soon.

Oli is diving brilliantly, I am not sure what he will think of UK diving on his return home though.

Liz is spending most of her time in the water as a mermaid, this attracts quite a lot of attention as mermaids are not commonly seen in these parts.

Mum and Dad are both very happy snorkelling on this beautiful island. It is nearly as good as the diving.

We have also made some wonderful friends and fellow divers on an American boat named Aike, we will be sorry to say goodbye to Guy and Melissa but hope to meet up again in Moorea or another island. Our stay at the South Pass was made so much better to dive with them almost every day. Our meeting could.not have been better timed.

Here is a link to some more information on Fakarava.

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I love the Sea, I love adventure and I love my family. Caring for the environment and doing what I can to protect it goes without saying.

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