Cooks Bay has it all……

Cooks Bay has it all…. a reef to snorkel on, a little town with all the essentials, a yacht club, cafes and a hotel that we are going to visit later for some French Polynesian dancing.

We loved it here last time and this time is no different. The name gives away the fact that this is where Captain Cook spent much of his time when exploring these parts a few centuries earlier. It is a large inlet that offers shelter from bad weather and is great for yachts. Today the weather is great so we are anchored close to the pass where we entered. I am surprised the kids have not grown gills or scales!! They spend most of their time in the water or jumping off the boat.

We are just starting to introduce school work. Liz is making a map of where we have been so far and Oli is struggling on with an essay about California. They are both logging and identifying the fish they see and slowely working through their Maths text books. I love helping with the Maths as it is reminding me of a few basics long forgotten. Every trip ashore is a French lesson!!

We hope to stay here for another day or so before continuing on. Next week we are hoping to make a bigger jump to the Tuamotus. These Islands are low lying atolls 300km away from Tahiti. Fakarava is the island I am keen to get to with some of the best diving in the world it is known for its sharks and big stuff as well as corals. Speaking of diving I haven’t been in here yet, the snorkelling is satisfying my underwater urges. Once we get to The next bay I am hoping to borrow some tanks and weight so we are self sufficient. However there are a few dives I would still likes guides for. I am looking forward to a few more dives with Oli!

Later today we are off to a hotel to watch some French Polynesian Dancing. Lizzy is super excited as this is one of her favorite things to do.

Author: love_sea_adventure

I love the Sea, I love adventure and I love my family. Caring for the environment and doing what I can to protect it goes without saying.

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