Lizzy’s love of Coconuts

It is likely that Liz is now completely obsessed with coconuts! As I sit here on deck again (something I do often), Liz is eagerly pealing the salt water sodden skin of her most recent coconut victim. Having fallen off their tree and rolled into the ocean, they often float past the boat while we are at anchor, if they drift too close Liz will pounce and bring her trophy back to the boat where operation skin the coconut will begin. There is an outer husk which needs removing before you get to the nut inside which is filled with juicy flesh and a refreshing drink. This husk is not easy to remove and takes a fair bit of pealing and pulling to get off. I sometimes assist with a knife but most of the work is completed by the Coconut Queen Liz. Once the husk is off it now looks like what we would get in the UK and just needs a spike pushing through it to get the water out and then a hit with a hammer to break into the flesh. I would say the time it takes to consume the coconut is about an eighth of which it takes to get the husk off however Liz is not deterred and has not given up yet.

Coconut is pretty tasty!

Author: love_sea_adventure

I love the Sea, I love adventure and I love my family. Caring for the environment and doing what I can to protect it goes without saying.

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