Boat School for the kids.

Diary writing
Recording memories !

With a pending big trip away and the children out of school for a few months one of the things I am most excited about is their education. Travelling and adventuring are in themselves an incredible learning experience with different languages, currencies, historic sites and cultures to explore. Being on a boat only enhances this even more, with navigation and engineering, cooking, sailing, the list goes on. For me though the bit I love the best is the journal writing and documenting experiences and new things. This is something I did when I was a child on our sailing trips and I always make sure Oli and Liz also write down what they do each day. I have journals that they did for a trip in France back in 2012, our last Tahitian trip and even for last year on a two week holiday in Croatia. Not only do these help the kids develop important skills, they also serve as incredible records you can look over. My parents still have mine from when I was little and there is nothing better than pulling them all out with the photo albums and looking through them on a rainy day.

The only text books I am planning on bringing with us is Maths, although there is some basic learning with currency and navigation I just think the nature of the UK curriculum is very structured and I need to keep just a little of this in place. When we get home Oli wants to go back to school so this is super important for him. Liz on the other hand has asked to be home schooled for her final primary year – something I am keen to do with her if I can.

I wanted to post some photos of the kids journal entries from the last trip but I have packed them all, instead you get cool photos of some of their learning experiences.

Please comment any tips and advice which might help add to the children’s education along the way – any ideas are always appreciated, thank you!



Author: love_sea_adventure

I love the Sea, I love adventure and I love my family. Caring for the environment and doing what I can to protect it goes without saying.

4 thoughts on “Boat School for the kids.”

  1. Sounds perfect. Have a wonderful time and enjoy every moment. Lucky kids to have such a fabulous, dedicated mum and the adventures will stick with them forever. I’ve always been amazed by the progress that my son seems to make without formal studies… we do a bit here and there but it’s the experiences that matter most, especially travel. Have an amazing time xxx

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  2. Absolutely amazing!! What a wonderful thing you are doing for your kids. Experiencing something first hand is the best way to learn.
    I am so excited to be following your journey and seeing lots of photo of you guys making memories. I’m not very computer savvy but I will try to keep up.

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