One giant leap……

For the past 8 or so years the children and I have lived on the Lizard in Cornwall, this is on the South West tip of the UK and a very beautiful, wild and rugged spot. The three of us live in a little house close to the most beautiful beach called Poldhu Cove. When at home we tend to spend most of our time here, popping down after work and school for a cheeky dip in the sea or going for a splash/surf in the waves. Lizzy goes to the local primary school which has a grand total of 45 children attending and Oli goes to an excellent secondary school in a nearby village. I work full time at a job I absolutely love in the Scuba Diving industry that I have now been doing for the past 2 years. Before working there I was at college studying for a degree and volunteering my time with various Marine Conservation charities, some of which I am still very much involved with.

We have a lovely life down here and I would happily continue on this path for a few more years. However things are about to change and we are taking a huge leap into a new life which is going to start with an epic adventure!

Next week we are leaving school and work behind us, putting all our worldly belongings into storage, selling the house and moving in with Nanny and Grandpa. Before actually putting our feet down there we are going off on a little trip for the summer…….back to French Polynesia! For those of you who don’t know this will not be our first trip there. In 2015 we went; my folks have a sailing boat that they spend 6 months of the year on and as this is going to be their last year so we wanted to join them for some of it. The islands are right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, I am pretty sure you couldn’t get much further from Cornwall. 

When we get back we will find a new home in or near to Cawsand which is where I grew up as a child. I mentioned on my last post how much I love this wonderful little village. The idea of Oli and Liz growing up here, close to their grandparents is something I really want for everyone. I remember my own incredible ‘Seaside Nanny’ (she lived in the same house my parents now live on the beach) and the close relationship I had with her. I think both the children and I are also super keen to be part of the village community in Cawsand as we know so many people, it has always been and will always be my ‘Home’.

Cawsand Beach
Cawsand Beach




Author: love_sea_adventure

I love the Sea, I love adventure and I love my family. Caring for the environment and doing what I can to protect it goes without saying.

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