The Journey Begins

‘For an occurrence to become an adventure, it is necessary and sufficient for one to recount it.’ Jean-Paul Sartre.

These are the stories of our little family and our many adventures, most will be written by me and some by my children Oliver, 12 and Elizabeth, 9. Some of these explorations have already happened and I will try to recount the bits most memorable to me while others are yet to begin. We have been lucky enough to travel to a few wonderful and exciting places as a family I hope you enjoy our tales and get inspired to pick up a map and plan your own incredible trip.

Dugi Otock, Zadar, Croatia
Azure blues, Dugi Otock, Zadar, Croatia 2017

We also love to adventure at home in the UK and live in the most awesome place called Cornwall. For those who know it you will know why I am so in love with this place. It has over 300 miles of coastline, from rugged cliffs that drop a couple of hundred meters into the wild Atlantic, to sheltered bays, sandy beaches and estuaries, Cornwall really does have it all if you love the sea. I grew up here in a tucked away village called Cawsand. As a child I spent my time in, on, under or next to the sea, so much so that it has become a vital and very important part of my life. I grew up on the beach learning to swim and sail and row, I spent hours exploring rock pools and fishing with my friends.

Because my Dad was a teacher and had long summers to fill, my parents would take my brother and I off on sailing adventures in the Mediterranean among other places. I am sure I will write about these child hood expeditions as I am keen to remember them now. For me it is these adventures and growing up in Cornwall that influence my parenting choices. I want to incorporate as much learning and exploration into Oli and Lizzy’s lives as possible. They are already very independent little people who have been able to pitch their own tents since before they could read and write. They help me with almost everything around the house and we make choices together on almost all day to day things.

One thing we all feel very strongly on is the environment in which we live, I in particular spend rather a lot of my time helping to clean beaches, survey marine life or rescue marine mammals. The children are a big part of this and I make sure they get the opportunity to do their bit also. We all take a responsible view on plastics and live by the moto refuse, reuse, recycle when it comes to single use items. While Oli and Liz were little I completed a degree in Marine Science and Environmental Resource Management, this was not just a learning journey for me but also the kids. They came on beach surveys and field trips and spent many hours with me in the library and even some lectures. I like to think this has mostly positively impacted their lives, I hope so any way. I should also quietly mention that I am also vegan.

I don’t want to make this first post too much of an epic, I just want to dabble a little into what you might expect from Love Sea Adventure. I love to take pictures so I want these to tell much of the stories on here. These days I tend to spend rather a lot of my time under the sea with a scuba set on my back or snorkelling with the children so I imagine the odd photo might incorporate this. Happy Reading………


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The importance of finding some time.

Going to the South Pacific and living on a boat for 3 months is without a doubt life changing. However for me it wasn’t just about the destination and the places we visited. It was about spending time with the children and my parents. It was about collecting memories with the people I love, in the most beautiful place. The journey was not just physical but also within me.

We sailed to different islands and met so many good people, all contributing to our experiences. I cherished the opportunity to spend so much time with the kids, we learnt so much more about each other compared to the usual eb and flow of day to day living. Work, school, clubs, cooking, Mummy’s conservation stuff, housework and the rest. I think we spend so much time being focused on our daily tasks and getting to the end of the day that it is all too easy to miss out on the journey.

This can be just like sailing, when we go from place to place we assume the purpose of a voyage is the port we are heading for. Whether your end point is a lovely anchorage with swaying palm trees and sheltered turquoise ocean or a warm cosy sofa after a hard day’s work. Sometimes we just need to step back and appreciate what is in front of us. While sailing there is almost always time to enjoy the journey, unlike the usual hustle and bustle of a working day were time is a precious commodity, when at sea even with a breeze gently filling your sails it takes a while to get to where you are going. Time to talk to each other, time to read, time to sleep, time to think about almost everything, or just switch off and stare up at the stars while keeping watch for the odd thunder cloud or another boat.

I find living on the sea is when I am most at peace and having my family there to share experiences and have time to really be together made this trip priceless. To get the time off I had to make a massive and difficult choice to walk away from the familiar and venture into a brand new life when we returned.

Since arriving in Cawsand it seems I have been non stop but I have been able to find the time to appreciate the smaller things, a sleepy morning cuddle while watching the sun rise or cooking a meal together. Dancing around the living room in our pj’s or just falling asleep on the sofa in front of a film.

I am so grateful for those moments, although back in the real world with all the demands of a busy life I cannot stress how important it is to step back and take time out to look at and absorb the good things around us. Don’t just journey through your day, week, month without remembering to take a few deep breaths, really think about what is important to you and make a little time for whatever that might be. If I have learned one really important thing from our sailing adventure it is to be present, don’t rush through life, always make sure there is time to make wonderful memories, no matter how small and be grateful for it.